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Installed Android CM9 on my HP Touchpad — so far, so good

So tonight I caved in and upped my HP  Touchpad from CM7 –> CM9. It was a pretty straightforward task and I have to say, even though CM9 Ice Cream Sandwich is loaded with bugs, i’m pretty impressed. The interface is so much more responsive than CM7 was, navigation around the settings menu has changed a bit and active tasks can easily be swiped away, sort of reminds me of famous HP WebOS swipe to close out applications. The main reason why I held back so long was because Netflix support was busted, it appears in the latest drop of Alpha2 they fixed that.

Its going to be a long time before a tablet can replace a single netbook or laptop. Probably a few years minimum. You simply can’t compete with the cost of small laptops these days and the power/cost ratio you benefit from (example: Corei5 and Corei7) , along with the powered graphics accelerators (nvidia/ati) not to mention multitasking ability..  Most tablets if not all are great for social media / browsing the web / trolling youtube and watching netflix, yea throw in a few cheap games. Perfect for when you want to sit back on the couch in front of the TV and don’t feel like lugging your laptop. But when you work in an environment that requires a few terminal windows open , IRC & assorted apps, those tablets simply wont cut it.

If your interested in taking a peak at CM9 for your touchpad, you can find some very simple instructions out on webosnation.com


Since I already had CM7 installed, I ran ACMEUninstaller to wipe out the android partition and started fresh from HP WebOS.

The current Changelog and Known Issues can be found here on rootzwiki



Heres a quick demo I found on youtube..


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