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Day 2, with Android & CM9

So, after spending a bit of time last night with CM9, I think I have the hang of it. As I mentioned yesterday theres still a ton of bugs. For example, Airplane mode doesn’t work, the Camera doesn’t seem to function and the Mic is busted, so that means no google talk 😦  But all in good time, it will eventually get ironed out. However the browser and netflix work as expected, which pretty much fills my requirements. I like the new browser! the improved multi touch and newly added tabs gives it a good feel. I also encourage everyone to try out Dolphin, although I’m going to stick with the stock browser for now.

I was plagued last night and partly this morning by the wifi acting up a bit. Sometimes the wifi would drop out mid use, I noticed quite a few have reported the issue. But so far it’s been stable for the last few hours.  I’m use to the wifi behaving with a mind of its own, coming from CM7 I was a victim of the horrid , Reset your Wifi after a reboot ordeal. That issue, I’m happy to report seems to be gone.

Gmail and Google Chat seem to have a new facelift, which I can get use too.

I think next on my list is to pick up one of the HP Touchstones before they are all gone. I noticed the HP Website is completely sold out, but some websites are offering them at outrageous prices. Seriously, why pay $40-$60 on a charger when the device only cost you $99. My dad showed me some very cool android radio apps, TuneIN. Grabs all the local streaming radio broadcasts around the world and of course near your local area and streams them on your tablet.

Great for the home office!!

  1. March 26, 2012 at 3:09 pm

    Awesome post ! Thank you for, posting on my blog page dude! I shall message you soon! I didnt know that!

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