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Linaro Tools – Building made easy

So  I had to re-image up my personal Panda board from Pandaboard.Org, after picking up a new Class 10 SD card,  It’s a great deal for $200.  Take a look at the quick specs below..

So ideally you can download prebuilt Ubuntu builds from cdimages.ubuntu.com however I prefer to build the OS using Linaro Tools

Anyone can build there own image just follow the easy steps outlined here


Just to give a quick and easy crash course:

  1. Install Linaro Tools (Use the link above)
  2. Grab the latest HWPack Avail, I just happened to use: http://snapshots.linaro.org/oneiric/lt-panda-x11-base-oneiric/20120303/1/images/hwpack/hwpack_linaro-lt-panda-x11-base_20120303-1_armel_supported.tar.gz
  3. Grab the lastest Binary Avail, I also happened to use: http://snapshots.linaro.org/oneiric/linaro-o-ubuntu-desktop/20120303/1/images/tar/linaro-o-ubuntu-desktop-tar-20120303-1.tar.gz
  4. Insert a blank SD card in your computer , make sure to unmount it (#sudo umount /media/XXXX)
  5. Cut the image to the SD card using the following: sudo linaro-media-create –rootfs ext4 –mmc /dev/mmcblk0 –binary linaro-o-ubuntu-desktop-tar-20120303-1.tar.gz –hwpack hwpack_linaro-lt-panda-x11-base_20120303-1_armel_supported.tar.gz –dev panda

Really Easy, after that stick it in the panda and boot up. The reason why I’m still stuck on Oneiric is because the TI OMAP4 accelerated debs are not yet avail for Precise, Since Beta just released a few days ago. After the Installation boots make sure to install the ubuntu-omap4-extras-multimedia package $ sudo apt-get install ubuntu-omap4-extras-multimedia , then reboot.

I’ll see If I can get a video uploaded demonstrating the 1080p playback quality soon.

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